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The Limb Lab loop connects patients, loved ones, physicians, therapists, practitioners and payers through conversation, information and collaboration. When we close the gap between each member of the care team, patients thrive.
Check out our success stories, technology reviews, and interviews with physicians, therapists and practitioners to learn more about how we find

Stay in the Loop, The Limb Lab Loop.

Are you a patient looking to connect with others on the same journey? A practitioner wondering about a new product? A physician or therapist who’d like to see the outcome of a successful operation? We created the Limb Lab loop to create community and stay connected with each other, which is really the heart of all we do. When we saw relationships matter, we mean it! Let us know how we’re doing!

Success Stories

At Limb Lab we recognize that you are unique, your needs are one-of-a-kind, and your life and what you plan to do with it is a work of art. Check out these incredible success stories of people

Product Reviews

As an independently owned and operated prosthetic and orthotic company, we have access to the best products in the world, made by a variety of innovative manufacturers. If you’re a patient who’d like to test a few products before deciding, or a manufacturer looking for someone to review or try your product, click here to learn more!

Special Events

Check out our calendar for upcoming events! We offer a variety of educational opportunities, as well as connections to art and music in our communities. View event calendar.

Press & Props

As an independently owned and operated prosthetic company, we are truly humbled by the support we receive from not only our patients and care teams, but also our local community. Read and listen to what they had to say: