Are you a physician or therapist looking for the right fit for your patient?

Do you have patients who are “on the go?” Who have a positive outlook on life? Who are looking for creative solutions to functional challenges?

If so, Limb Lab might be the right fit.

Let's Connect

One Team: One Mission.

At Limb Lab we have learned through experience that the patient gets the best care when all members of the care team (physician, therapist, practitioner, payer and loved ones) stay connected. We promise to keep you “in the loop” from start to finish. We’ll show the positive outcome of your expertise and our craftsmanship as your patients achieve their goals. Check out our

Let's Collaborate.

At Limb Lab, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work best when the relationships we create with physicians and patients happen in an environment of positivity, innovation, and integrity. We love to learn, and we love to share what we’ve learned. If you’re a physician with a new surgical technique, or a therapist with a new approach, let’s collaborate.

Meet the Team.

Everyone at Limb Lab matters, every task, no matter how small makes a difference. We work with the best and brightest in our field. We are “people” people. And we don’t just work for amputees, we work WITH them.

Want to Know More?

Give us or send us an email with any questions you may have about Limb Lab: who we are, what we do, or finding the right tool and the right fit.

Client Testimonials

“Fantastic service and great care, I will be telling everybody about Brandon Sampson, Dan Tellijohn and Limb Lab, best care ever!!!?”

Scott M.

Amputee and Limb Lab Patient
“I talk to many amputees who have horrible experiences with different prosthetic labs and I always throw the Limb Lab name out there. I have never been disappointed. Would never want to see anyone else!”

Allison W.

Amputee and Limb Lab Patient