Meet Joseph

Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist

“I love creating tools that allow people to live their life in the way they intended to live it.”

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Hello, my name is Joseph Van Der Bosch.

My career in orthotics and prosthetics began in a Biomechanics class at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and it has been my passion ever since. I love the immediate impact we can have as practitioners on peoples lives. You can see their eyes light up as they try on a new tool, created just for them.

It is all about caring. Everything starts with an intense sense of caring and the team at Limb Lab recognizes and understands that importance. It fuels us.  We become a part of each other’s journey forever.

Client Testimonials

“Look. There’s a man that built me this leg that gives me the ability to do the things I love to do.”

Joe Stimpert

Carpenter & Leg Amputee
“Very nice to work with, if you have any problems they are answered quickly.”

Bernard Morkrid

center Limb Lab Patient

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