Are you ready to recreate your life after amputation? To get out in the world and on the move? We might be the right fit for you.

We have helped hundreds of people find solutions to their functional goals, leading to happier more fulfilling lives.
We can’t wait to create a device that is the right fit for you!
Meet our Team


Finding the Right Fit.

At Limb Lab, finding the “right fit” starts by connecting you with a prosthetist that you can trust, whose personality and attitude inspire you; someone who makes you feel supported and encouraged. What kind of experience are you looking for? What kind of life do you hope to live?

Your relationship with your practitioner is hopefully one that will last a lifetime. Relationships matter, and more importantly, YOU matter.

You are Important.

From the casting process, to creating a custom socket, to exploring prototypes and final choices of device, our practitioners are the best in their field, with decades of experience not only working with patients but also fabricating limbs. And did we mention that we also make it a point to employ amputees? Who better to help you than someone who’s in the “same shoes.” At Limb Lab we know how to find

 Your Journey: From Start to Finish.